Fire FAQs and Facts

Check out these frequently asked fire questions - Fire FAQs! These FAQs are one of many that the Extension Fire Program group is working on based on the fire-related questions that the Forestry & Natural Resources Extension agents and specialists received from the people they serve. These FAQs will support the work of our agents and specialists and will help create an understanding of fire-related issues and topics.

Fire FAQFire FAQ

Fire FAQs:

Managing Wildfire for Resource Benefit: What is it and is it beneficial? | Have the size and severity of forest wildfires increased in Oregon and across the West? | Salvage Cutting: What are the effects on fire behavior and severity? How can landscapes with mixed ownerships be managed for fire effectively? | Air quality impacts from prescribed fire and wildfire: How do they compare? | What is fire severity? | Who owns Oregon's forests, and how does that matter when it comes to fire? | What is forest fuel, and what are fuel treatments?

Another great resource is the Northwest Fire Science Consortium (NWFSC). NWFSC creates Fire Facts that are brief and to the point fact sheets that cover a variety of fire-related topics. Fact sheets are informational and not necessarily intended to provide management recommendations.

NWFSC Fire FactNWFSC Fire Fact