Forest Income Opportunities

There are many opportunities for generating income from your woodlands. This website will help you explore the variety of income opportunities typically available on private lands and help you decide which of these opportunities are right for you and your property.

Logs rolled out for scaling at the mill

Logs and Timber  Income from harvesting timber and selling logs often provides the highest economic value for private woodland owners.



oak flooring from Zena forest

Specialty Woods  High-quality or specialty wood products from your trees may provide a good alternative to mainstream wood markets.

chicken of the woods fungus on down wood

Non-timber Products  Your forest is more than trees - you may be able to make money from non-timber forest products such as florals, medicinals, edibles, aromatics, mosses, and evergreen boughs.


Forest stream shaded by trees

Ecosystem Services  Private woodlands provide services as well as products – there are increasing opportunities to get paid for services such as recreational access, conservation reserve areas, clean water supplies, and storing carbon in your trees.