Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Events

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29Aug2019 -  12Dec2019   Ongoing

2019 Master Woodland Manager Training-FULL & CLOSED

The current MWM training is full and closed.  If you are interested in future MWM training, please contact Tiffany Hopkins at tiffany.hopkins@oregonstate.edu The Master Woodland Manager (MWM) program will help you gain in-depth skills for tending your forest, provide you with opportunities to share your passion for…

Improving your Forest’s Health - Panel Discussion

A panel of local landowners who have tapped into some Federal programs to accomplish some of their conservation goals will share their experiences. Polk County residents Michael Skindrud, Marilyn Essex, Ed Weisensee and Sarah Deumling will speak on their experiences with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the US…

Trees, You, and CO2

Forests have an amazing ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it! In this class, we will be discussing how carbon moves in and out of the forest through natural and anthropocentric actions in the environment. Then we will discuss some management strategies that promote carbon storage.…

Plan for Your Land

The South Santiam and North Santiam Watershed Councils would like to help you Plan for Your Land! This FREE workshop series will walk you through the steps of developing a long-term conservation plan for your small acreage. Instructors will show you how to inventory your property, talk about various…

How Commercial Forestry Works in the PNW

Getting logging or other work done can be a mystery to the uninitiated.  Come learn more about how commercial forestry works here in the PNW from Andy Bryant, consulting forester of Yamhill Environmental Services and Eric Recht, forester for Chilton Logging. They will focus on the nuts and bolts:…

Oaks Belowground

Learn how oaks interact with mycorrhizal fungi and small mammals to create healthy and sustainable oak woodlands.  Workshop covers: Description and roles of mycorrhizal fungi Animals that disperse fungal spores Timing of mycorrhizal inoculation Oak mycorrhizal communities on serpentine soils…

Wildlife Encounters: How to Avoid Them and What to Do If You Cannot

Southern Oregon is a region of remarkable bio-diversity and a wide variety of habitats. Some of these pose potential threats to humans. Join this presentation to learn how to avoid or manage encounters with bears, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, and other creatures.   …