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Master Woodland Manager Training


Master Woodland Manager (MWM) is our Forestry and Natural Resources Extension premier forest stewardship and volunteer program. This program has been running for over 25 years, serving more than 500 landowners around the state.

During the Master Woodland Manager program, you will:

• Visit woodlands and ranches around the region.

• Meet and learn from other woodland owners.

• Get to know our region’s forest and natural resource professionals from various agencies.

• Learn from Oregon’s State University’s forest, river, and wildlife experts!

• Gain knowledge and skills that you can apply on your property.

• Become part of Oregon’s tremendous woodland owner and forestry community.


This unique training combines at-home readings and videos, online discussions, and field days. This allows us to focus our face-to-face time in the field (instead of in the classroom enduring long lectures!), reinforcing concepts and practicing new skills.

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