A landowner takes Agents and Specialists on a tour which is meant to highlight the landowner's management practices; and is a kick off to the FNR Extension's Annual Planning Meeting.

Paul Ries, Urban Forestry Extension Specialist, helps teach the Hazard Tree Academy.

Daniel Leavell, Extension Agent in Klamath & Lake Counties, is helping bring an unprecedented level of coordination and connection between land and fire managers.

Glenn Ahrens, Clackamas County Extension Agent, teaches a reforestation session to the Master Woodland Manager class.

Students check out an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as part of the OR Forests High School Student Summit.

Brad WIthrow-Robinson, Extension Agent in Benton, Linn & Polk Counties, meets with his Master Woodland Manager graduates for a property visit and to review their management plan. 

Jim Johnson, Senior Assoc. Dean & FNR Ext. Program Leader, volunteers at National Get Outdoors Day hosted by the College of Forestry and OSU Benton County Extension.

The Northwest Fire Science Consortium in partnership with FNR Extension - Clackamas County, hosts a field tour of the 36 Pit Fire that burned over 5,000 acres near Estacada.

Welcome to the Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program

Tiffany Fegel, Coordinator of the Master Woodland Manager Program and the Women Owning Woodlands Network, meets with a landowner to review management objectives.

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Welcome to the Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program at Oregon State University! Our Extension Agents and Specialists work everyday to learn about the latest techniques in natural resource management, and then, through educational programs and materials, transfer this knowledge to our client groups, such as forest owners, foresters and other natural resource managers, Christmas tree growers, loggers and forest workers, etc. On this website you will learn about some of our marquee programs, such as Master Woodland Manager, Resource Management Planning, Ties to the Land, Women Owning Woodlands, Tree School, and more. Check out our calendar of upcoming events, and our more than 100 publications and other educational materials. Also, we invite you to visit your nearest county Extension office to meet your county staff up close and personal. While we do not have Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Agents in every county, chances are there is an agent in a nearby county who can assist you. Welcome to our world of Forestry & Natural Resources Extension! We exist to meet your research and educational needs.

Event Calendar


Tree Genetics Field Tour

Join us for an exciting look into the world of supertrees! OSU is partnering with Bureau of Land Management and private industry - Port Blakely Tree Farms to treat you to an inside look at genetics in Forestry. Participants will: ·         Compare common Douglas-fir…

How Does Wood Stack Up to Other Heating Fuels?

With fluctuating prices of natural gas, fuel oil and electricity, many people consider heating their homes by burning firewood or wood pellets as a less-costly alternative.  When considering a change in home-heating energy use, it’s a good idea to compare heat content of traditional fuels with wood and…

Biogeomorphology of Riparian Ecosystems

This workshop will present a synthesis and application of scientific literature and field methods designed to help participants develop a better understanding of interactions between channel processes and riparian plant communities. It is intended for novice-to-intermediate restoration practitioners, resource managers, and/or environmental educators, and is particularly well suited…

How to Measure Your Forest

The Oregon State University Tillamook County Extension Service and Tillamook Bay Community College are offering “How to Measure Your Forest” for woodland owners or for those just interested in learning how forests are measured. Do you have an idea of the species composition, the vigor, and the volume of…

2015 OSU Extension Land Steward Training

The award winning Land Stewards training helps local small-acreage landowners learn about ways to create a healthy environment on their property through weekly field classes, presentations from natural resource professionals, and the creation of a personalized management plan. The course is great for land owners who want to…