Students check out an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as part of the OR Forests High School Student Summit

Daniel Leavell, Extension Agent in Klamath & Lake Counties, is helping bring an unprecedented level of coordination and connection between land and fire managers.

Scott Leavengood, Forest Products Extension Specialist, is a keynote speaker at the Expo Forestal in Guadalajara.

Dr. John Bailey talks about fire ecology with the OR Master Naturalist Program and Citizens Fire Academy participants.

Glenn Ahrens, Clackamas County Extension Agent, teaches a reforestation session to the Master Woodland Manager class.

Welcome to the Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program

Congratulations Jason O'Brien, Coordinator of the OR Master Naturalist Program, for receiving the Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement.

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Welcome to the Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program at Oregon State University! Our Extension Agents and Specialists work everyday to learn about the latest techniques in natural resource management, and then, through educational programs and materials, transfer this knowledge to our client groups, such as forest owners, foresters and other natural resource managers, Christmas tree growers, loggers and forest workers, etc. On this website you will learn about some of our marquee programs, such as Master Woodland Manager, Resource Management Planning, Ties to the Land, Women Owning Woodlands, Tree School, and more. Check out our calendar of upcoming events, and our more than 100 publications and other educational materials. Also, we invite you to visit your nearest county Extension office to meet your county staff up close and personal. While we do not have Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Agents in every county, chances are there is an agent in a nearby county who can assist you. Welcome to our world of Forestry & Natural Resources Extension! We exist to meet your research and educational needs.

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Weed Management Methods in Reforestation and Restoration

The workshop will cover principles and practices of vegetation management for establishing and maintaining trees in forestry and forest restoration. The focus is on illustrating and demonstrating methods and tools for controlling blackberry, scotch broom, and native brush, along with grasses, groundsel, thistles, and other weedy herbaceous species.…

Weed Management Methods in Reforestation and Restoration

Weeds are getting the jump on us with the early spring this year. Controlling weeds may be your best option for increasing available soil moisture for your trees this summer. Weed control is often the key to success or failure in establishing trees and maintaining tree growth. This…

Woman Owning Woodlands Network

Take a walk in the woods at WOWNet member Sarah's property. Sarah has 1300+ acres with about 40% hardwood and 60% conifer, plus a small sawmill where they process local hardwood into lumber and flooring. Sarah considers their forest a "working forest" under a permanent conservation easement so they…

Woodland Management - Tangent

Pre-registration required.  Register online for Tangent class, see flyer for additional…

Woodland Management - Dallas

Pre-registration required.  Register online for Dallas class, see flyer for additional…