Daniel Leavell, Extension Agent in Klamath & Lake Counties, is helping bring an unprecedented level of coordination and connection between land and fire managers.

Dr. John Bailey talks about fire ecology with the OR Master Naturalist Program and Citizens Fire Academy participants.

Scott Leavengood, Forest Products Extension Specialist, is a keynote speaker at the Expo Forestal in Guadalajara.

Meet Mike Buck. He's a current Master Naturalist student with a great story.

Welcome to the Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program

Glenn Ahrens, Clackamas County Extension Agent, teaches a reforestation session to the Master Woodland Manager class.

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Welcome to the Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program at Oregon State University! Our Extension Agents and Specialists work everyday to learn about the latest techniques in natural resource management, and then, through educational programs and materials, transfer this knowledge to our client groups, such as forest owners, foresters and other natural resource managers, Christmas tree growers, loggers and forest workers, etc. On this website you will learn about some of our marquee programs, such as Master Woodland Manager, Resource Management Planning, Ties to the Land, Women Owning Woodlands, Tree School, and more. Check out our calendar of upcoming events, and our more than 100 publications and other educational materials. Also, we invite you to visit your nearest county Extension office to meet your county staff up close and personal. While we do not have Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Agents in every county, chances are there is an agent in a nearby county who can assist you. Welcome to our world of Forestry & Natural Resources Extension! We exist to meet your research and educational needs.

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Oregon Season Trackers

Do you want to learn more about the microclimate of where you live? Do you want to contribute to our understanding of weather and its effect on plants and animals? Become an Oregon Season Tracker  "Citizen Scientist" and help monitor seasonal patterns of precipitation…

Oregon Forests Student Summit

The goal of the Oregon Forests High School Student Summit is for high school students who are considering college to: 1) increase their understanding about forests, 2) explore careers in forestry and natural resources, and 3) consider OSU’s College of Forestry for their undergraduate career. For…

Oregon Woodturning Symposium

See website for details.  Early registration closes Feb.…

Ellie's Log & the Language of Science:

Using Literature & Art as Inspiration to connect students to our local forests, connect with science in the outdoors, and to connect with hands-on activities. Come explore Ellie’s Log, Project Learning Tree, field journaling and develop new skills for taking students outside. Register HERE…

Woodland Management

This five-session course is ideal for anyone who is just starting out taking care of a woodland property.  It serves as preparation for the OSU Master Woodland Manager Training.  Topics covered include: Getting Started: Assessing your property and your site What's Going on in Your…